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We help European companies get traction on the US market

Why Join Techmafia?

Techmafia is an intensive 3-month soft landing program during which participants make more progress than they would over an entire year by themselves. It is based on lean methodology and exploits IIDF’s extensive experience to help tech entrepreneurs become problem/solution fit and get traction in the USA.

  • Find your clients
  • Validate your product
  • Develop sales channels

About IIDF

IIDF is the most active early stage fund in Russia and Europe according to Dow Jones. We have $100M (6bn RUB) under management. Since 2013, IIDF has closed 370 deals with values ranging from $20k to $5.5M. Our investment activity accounts for more than 100 IT startup deals each year, constituting 80% of the Russian early-stage venture capital market.

We’ve launched a soft landing program in San Francisco to help European companies get significant traction on the US market.

The third round of Techmafia begins on February 2019. The participants are listed here.

About Techmafia

Techmafia is a paid, equity-free soft landing program:

  • Two months in Moscow (starting on February, 2019): product preparation, adaptation and fine-tuning of product descriptions in English, initial Customer Discovery, search for growth hacks on the US market
  • One month in San Francisco: meetings with potential clients, feedback from investors, close work with US experts, continuation of Customer Discovery, Customer Development
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Techmafia is designed for Tech Companies at Seed/Series A Stage

This means:

  • Product has been validated on the Russian market
  • Some revenue in Russia :)
  • Spheres: HiTech, software, hardware, IoT

Become a Part of the Largest Tech Entrepreneur Community in Russia

Since 2013, we’ve been building the largest network of investors, accelerators, incubators, universities, corporations and founders all over Russia.

2 000
startups apply for our accelerator program every year
4 500
startups participate in our online preparation program every year
top experts in areas such as marketing&sales, legal, team productivity.
1 000
events organized or attended as partners since 2013
20 000
people attend our events (meetups, workshops, hackathons, conferences)
16 000
members on Facebook and VKontakte
47 000
people receive our weekly newsletter

Key Experts

Pavel Ryskov

Solution sales coach & Tracker at IIDF Accelerator

Dmitry Sokolov

Tracker at IIDF Accelerator


CoMagic is an advertising campaign effectiveness analysis service which includes Call Tracking, Virtual PBX, lead generation tools, native integrations with advertising services and CRM systems. CoMagic helps marketing managers improve ad performance and increase ROI.
Convead – an Artificial Marketing Intelligence and Automation for eCommerce. Based on machine learning, it provides email marketing, push notifications, trigger messages and onsite recommendations. From first visit to repeat purchases, Convead converts your leads.
Leadza - Facebook campaign optimization tool for mobile game publishers which analyzes previous advertising statistics, makes a key metrics forecast and helps to reallocate a campaign budget which helps to lowers game installation cost more than 10 times.
Knoema is a search engine for data seamlessly connecting public and private sources and making data discoverable and accessible to information workers. Knoema does for data what Google did for websites and the Internet overall. It makes it trivial to find data when you need it and make a story out of it.
CINEMOOD is a kids development platform, which consisted of the series of IOT hardware and software solutions for kids entertainment and education. CINEMOOD’s new product is a cloud-connected led projector for families that can display immersive content onto any surface, creating magical, cinematic moments that families and friends can enjoy together. The device is pre-loaded with films, cartoons, audiostories and digital books. It can be connected to a cloud library with regularly updated content.
Stafory created an AI bot, which scouts for candidates for ordinary jobs (cashiers, farming, construction, etc.) on the job websites. AI helps to automate finding CVs and checks availability of the applicant. If a candidate is interested in a proposed job offer, the robot sends him or her an e-mail with a full description of a vacancy and also invites a jobseeker to have a video-interview. AI can recognize speech and answer the questions about the vacancy.
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Victoria Vinogradova
CEO Leadza
The Techmafia team helped us a lot with daily meetings and focusing on our main goal during the acceleration program — conducting as many interviews as possible with potential customers. We gradually improved our problem discovery questions and figured out our customers’ main problem. As a result, we built an MVP, which shows organic growth of DAU (daily active users).
Mike Bukhovtsev
CEO Cinemood
Accelerating with the Techmafia team was both useful and challenging. Together with mentors and trackers, we’ve identified transition points, made many fruitful connections, and carried out many problem interviews in order to develop a new value proposition for the US market.
Alexey Kostarev
CBDO Stafory
Acceleration with TechMafia enabled us to develop hypotheses to test our value proposition on the US market and to conduct customer development with real companies. Feedback on the results of the trip made us see our product differently and enabled us to find a way to re-enter the market better prepared.


Maxim Chebotarev

Co-investments, business angels and M&A

Dmitry Kalaev

Head of IIDF Accelerator

Artem Azevich

Head of startup tracking at IIDF Accelerator

Ilya Korolev

Portfolio Director at IIDF

Margarita Anikina

Coordinator of Techmafia and Investors School, co-investment program manager at IIDF

Nataliya Fedotova

Deputy Director at IIDF Accelerator

Tamara Loseva

Project Manager for Acceleration Programs Promotion at IIDF